A Plus Must

Alright guys, a 'plus must' is a plus size brand you most definitely must check out! Yes, I just made it up. Isn't it so fetch? (Mean Girls reference? Anyone? Anyone?)  On a side note, ever said a word so many times that the word itself starts to look ridiculous? Because after saying 'must' five… Continue reading A Plus Must

Plus Size Finds at Ami Clubwear

I was really happy to find a new line of clothing that fits me as a plus size woman just trying to make her mark in the fashion world! Okay, okau, so that sounded a bit cheesy, but still! Come on ladies, we know how hard it is to find a retailer that carries our… Continue reading Plus Size Finds at Ami Clubwear

Hut, Hut, Hustle!

So I made my first YouTube video! It's a little embarrassing to look at the views as it's only got like 10 😅 but that's okay! I'm okay with starting from the bottom! *cries in corner* But seriously, my first video is up on YouTube if you wanna go check it out.  My video is… Continue reading Hut, Hut, Hustle!

Plus Sized Bracelet Woes Eliminated!

Have you ever saw a flippin’ cute bracelet, only to try it on and it either doesn’t fit at or it does fit and you’ve now started to lose circulation in your fingers? I hate feeling like Cinderella’s evil step sisters! That’s why I was so happy to hear that there’s not only a solution to this problem, but a very stylish solution to make everyone jealous.

Stay in the Loop–Box Haul Giveaway

If I asked you to raise your hand if you liked free stuff, let's face it, your hand would be in the air. It's nothing to be ashamed of! I mean, who doesn't like free stuff?! I'll tell you who.. Mean old ladies who would probably yell at you for standing too close to their… Continue reading Stay in the Loop–Box Haul Giveaway