I’ve always been plus size for as long as I can remember. I mean, I see the old family photos of me when I was skinny, but I don’t have the memories. My memories are all of me being one of the fattest people in the room. “Fat” used to scare me and hurt me. Now, I embrace it.

When I was about 16 I was told by a family friend, who at that time was the age I am now, I needed to accept my body for what it was and to love it no matter what it looked like. I thought she was crazy! And I was offended, because I felt like she was saying I could never be what I always wanted to be–skinny. She was beautiful, her thighs were graced with cellulite, yet I thought, this can’t be me in 10 years. I won’t let it be. But why? Why was I afraid to embrace who I was, love my body no matter what and look like her? Was there anything wrong with her?

Society, the media, they will make you feel like you’re not good enough. Like you’re not pretty enough, not skinny enough and not complete just the way you are. Being seen without makeup is now considered a rarity, as well as the accurate portrayal of women’s body diversity. And although 67% of women are plus size you would never know it due to lack of clothing options.

Even though I’ve always been confident, I’m no longer the girl who wishes to be skinny to be happy. I want to work at getting healthier but that has nothing to do with my weight. And neither does my happiness. I didn’t know this when I was younger. I thought, no one can tell how amazing I am because all they can focus on is the fact that I need to “lose weight.” You know what, that’s a shame because I AM amazing and I don’t need to “lose weight.” The only weight I’ll be losing is a little over 100 lbs when I cut you out of my life for being negative.

Yea, some days I wish this double chin would act like the money in my bank account and just disappear! But regardless, it’s me, a part of me, it’s what I look like. But I am not a double chin, cellulite and the lack of a thigh gap. I am so much more than what I look like.

This blog is a way for me to share my confidence and any tips, tricks and thoughts on how to be the best dressed plus sized babe this side of the East Coast. Writing has always been an outlet for me and so please forgive me if I write too much!

I hope I can inspire others around me to stop waiting for happiness. Create your own happiness and don’t let it be contingent on something or somebody else. Don’t hide in family photos and don’t untag yourself in every pic they take of you if it wasn’t taken at your “best angle.” You are beautiful no matter what, plus size does not mean negative space!