6 Months, 2 Weeks & 1 Day

First off, I haven’t posted in a whileeeee. It’s been so hard to create content whilest creating a baby 😳🤪 I’m 6 months, 2 weeks and 1 day pregnant today!! I honestly can’t complain because my pregnancy has been relatively easy going.

That being said, the past two weeks have been hard. I’ve been battling with upset stomach, round ligament pain, excruciating lower back pain and the ever so common straight-up uncomfortableness that comes with being pregnant. I’m literally tossing and turning every night so it’s been… rough.

I honestly feel bad for even complaining about it at all. Because I know there are so many women out there who wish they could be pregnant and aren’t. I was almost positive that pregnancy wasn’t going to be attainable for me and yet here I am, not just experiencing the bad, but getting the good right along side it. I get to hear this heartbeat and feel his tiny wiggles and kicks. And soon, I’ll get to hold him in my arms and kiss his forehead and sing him to sleep. I can’t wait for those moments.

These past two weeks I’ve really been trying even more so to focus on self-care—like finally throwing on a bathing suit in this Florida heat to cool down in the pool and get in my pregnancy exercise.

I am so grateful that this gorgeous suit is adjustable and can accommodate my growing belly!!!

My amazingly sexy swimsuit is by @Aniniswim and they just so happen to be dropping their new line this Wednesday! I seriously can’t wait to purchase a third (and forth) swimsuit from them 😍 Do you think this is something one can add to their baby registry? 🤔 asking for a friend.. 😅

This one in particular is called the HILO and I purchased it last year at @Miamicurvesweek. I’ve got a previous blog post on the HILO as well as a second blog post on the MAHINA, another sexy swimsuit by Anini Swimwear. Go check them out! I’m sooooo sad it’s just not in the financial cards for us this year to return to Miami Curves Week but I do highly recommend it! Click on the photo below to purchase your tickets.

Thank you guys for baring with me as I figure out how to balance Blog Life and Real Life. I promise to kick out more content soon. Until then, I just want to mention that while it may be hard to find beauty in every roll or stretch mark, it’s so worth it. With summer and Beach Body season upon us, it’s so important to remember that we only have one body and it’s just a waste of time to be unhappy. Life is so precious so don’t take it for granted. Yes, there are people who will make it their duty in life to put others down, but the vast majority of humanity doesn’t care what you look like in a bathing suit. It’s a struggle and a journey but it’s a struggle worth having and journey that you can begin at any moment.

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