Eloquii Review

Imagine my excitement to find out that there was an actual Eloquii store in D.C.! As my Instagram showed, I was there to visit family {which, as always, was amazing! Never take your family for granted}.

Ladies, I don’t have to tell you that shopping online is hard. I don’t have to explain the fact that it’s even harder when there are so little in-store options for us plus size gals.

If you ever have the opportunity to stop by an Eloquii store, do not hesitate! Right now there are only three and they are located in Arlington, VA, Chicago, IL, and Columbus, OH. Click here to get store addresses and phone numbers.

What is so nice about visiting the store in-person is the fact that they offer a free personal styling session! Complete with champagne! And comfy couches for who ever gets to come along with you! Which my hubby most definitely appreciated. On the website, listed under each location’s phone number you will find their email address. You can email them to schedule this super awesome appointment!

This was my first experience with anything Eloquii. I’ve been dying to try them out but their sales and my bank account could never seem to coordinate properly. So you can imagine how psyched I was to find out there was a BOGO FREE sales on all tops and dresses! πŸ‘— 😍

I will say that I literally loved each dress I tried on, except for one. Which is pretty fantastic when you’ve tried on over 12 dresses. My only issue was with the button down ones, as my boobs just weren’t having it 😞. But I still absolutely adored them. There’s nothing three safety pins can’t fix πŸ˜….

This dress was one of my favorites!!! I loved the bell sleeves and the material made it super comfortable. Plus, when my stylist suggested I add a belt, it just got better. For reference purposes, this dress fits true to size.

Next up, was this gorgeous dark blue number. This first pic is my actual size, 20. The next pic is me in a size 18. If you look at the neck line on this you can see that sizing down really helped. I felt super confident. This material definitely had a stretch to it.

This next dress is the same material so again I was able to size down. I loved this one as well!! This material is so comft and soft. And great for Fall and Winter! I do have this short little arms {think t-Rex style} so the sleeves looked a little long. But this dress was such a winner that that didn’t even matter.

With their current sale these last two dresses are currently at just $29!!! And they do come in different colors.

Oh my goodness! No literally.. use code OMG πŸ˜‚

I really, really wanted this button down dress to work but alas, I’m also fond of my boobies. I tied this around my neck but I saw it also used as a belt. Make the outfit your own! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Still sad this didn’t want to close all the way 😩😭.

Unfortunately that print is sold out online 😞 Eloquii does however, have this same style in other prints!

Next up, watch me try to look like a model in this cute printed dress!

This is me looking sad that I couldn’t take this one home too πŸ˜”. Use code OMG to get this one on sale for $49!

Y’all already saw this beauty on IG and it turned out to be my choice for the wedding we attended in Connecticut 😍. I LOVE this dress because it’s gorgeous and comfy and helped me feel so beautiful. It was immediately my #1 choice! πŸ’• This ruffle detail has me like “woah!”

To be honest, I didn’t like this dress at first. But once my stylist suggested I add this black and red striped belt. My goodness, it just completely transformed this dress for me! I really felt the power of how transformative a belt can be! πŸ˜±πŸ˜€ It also comes in a dark olive which I found out about online. I would have loved to try that color on because I sometimes feel beige can wash me out.

​Guys, can we talk about how upset I am that I didn’t buy this dress 😞 and online it is sold out in my size… how awesome do I look in this?!

The color is so vibrate, even in the pic! So can you just imagine how it looks in person?! And I definitely liked it better with the belt even though you could also wear it without! It’s also on sale!!!

Now, for the one dress I didn’t like. Oh well, they can’t all be winners. Besides, that’s one of the best parts about fashion–everyone has their own style. So where I hated how this looked on me, I know one of you ladies could rock this look.

I hope this extra long blog post has helped you guys a little! Please feel free to drop me a comment with any questions about the dresses and fit! I can’t wait to purchase more Eloquii!

For now, stay fabulous, ladies!

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