Anini Swim Review–Mahina

This is the second swimsuit from Anini Swimwear that I promised you guys a blog post on! You already got a sneak peek on all its sexiness *cue I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd* on IG this week.

Check out my first post here if you haven’t already.

This is the Mahina:

I had already purchased the Hilo but once Nani (owner of Anini) suggested I tried on the Mahina I had to purchase this one as well. As a plus size woman, I’ve had a hard time finding clothing, including swimwear, that fits me beautifully. When I put it on, I was excited for the way I felt. I felt beautiful, sexy and confident. Thus why I had to own this suit!

Always remember–you decide what makes you feel amazing.

What makes a woman feel sexy is her business and her business alone.

When you feel comfortable and confident in something it can help you to feel the same way about your body. It’s not always easy to love yourself because of how we’ve been conditioned our whole lives. Most of us have been taught from a young age to feel negatively about how we look, anywhere from the media to our own family members.

The body positivity movement is helping women and men along their journey to loving their body, including the parts we’ve learned to hate.

Brands like Anini Swimwear are a huge support in the body positive movement by providing sizing from 2 to 34. I’m wearing the size 3X and I am between a size 20 to 22, depending on the brand.

Remember, your worthiness, beauty and happiness, is not contingent on the size of your jeans (or swimsuit)!

You can purchase the Mahina here.

Happy shopping, ladies!

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