Smashing the Standard

According to many famous influencers, the media, even people you know and love, there are certain things you should not wear when you’re fat.

• Stripes

• Leggings

• Tight clothing

• Baggy clothing

• Crop tops

And I’m sure I missed a couple.

Have you ever had someone tell you any of these, or others like them? That you shouldn’t wear clothing that is apparently unflattering to the plus size body? I have many times. But you know what? Forget that. If you want to wear something, wear it, and wear it proud!

For a long time I thought that crop tops were really cute but that I could never wear them myself. But guess what–I did, and this is what happened…

Absolutely nothing.

Actually, something did happen…

I absolutely slayed. 💁🏻


I even wore this out in public! To a restaurant nonetheless!! A fat girl, in a crop top, eating?! Lord have mercy.

This was actually my first time wearing a crop top. Ever. I will definitely admit that I was nervous. I felt people looking at me and I know their gaze would be directed to my soft, pudgy and exposed belly. But I didn’t pay them any attention. I literally walked in, head high, like I had nothing to be ashamed of. Because I didn’t. There is nothing wrong with a plus size girl in a crop top. And I am not one of the plus size girls with a flat stomach. But it doesn’t matter. No one rules your body. You are the sole owner. You get the final say.

The gorgeous set I’m wearing is by Rebdolls. It is super comfortable! You can find it here. This was my first time ordering from Rebdolls and I am extremely happy with my purchase! I ordered a 3X because I’m between a 2X and a 3X so I figured it’s better safe than sorry! In the skirt I could have sized down as it does have an elastic waistband, but not in the top as I carry a lot of my weight in my boobs and upper back. But the skirt fits just fine as a 3X. Plus I love the material. It was so hot when we were shooting but this outfit kept me cool. (Now if only my face would stop sweating as much 😅). And you’ll definitely be seeing me mix and match with other outfits!
As always, happy shopping ladies! 💕


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