A Plus Must

Alright guys, a ‘plus must’ is a plus size brand you most definitely must check out! Yes, I just made it up. Isn’t it so fetch? (Mean Girls reference? Anyone? Anyone?)  On a side note, ever said a word so many times that the word itself starts to look ridiculous? Because after saying ‘must’ five times I’m starting to to feel a certain way about it lol. Butttttt, I digress…

Raise your hand if you knew Loralette was a part of Avenue? Because I sure as heck didn’t find out until I went on their website. Well, now I know! I’m happy with my purchase and I highly recommend you give them a try. Here’s a bikini top I bought on sale that I absolutely love:

I ordered a 3X and it fits perfectly! I love the tropical print. And while the cut was something I was afraid of, I ended up liking it a lot as well. It’s nothing like any of my previous bikini tops so I’m happy it adds a unique style to my swimsuit wardrobe!

This has turned out to be the summer of swimsuits for me! Specifically bikinis! I never would have thought so if you would have asked me two years ago. But here I am, stomach out, without a care in the world!!!

Happy shopping, ladies!

Photo credit goes to Paola of @chubbybabe_

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