Ami Clubwear Plus Size Review

I was really happy to find a new line of clothing that fits me as a plus size woman just trying to make her mark in the fashion world! Okay, okau, so that sounded a bit cheesy, but still! Come on ladies, we know how hard it is to find a retailer that carries our size ✅, offers cute styles ✅, and doesn’t break the bank ✅ ✅. That last one definitely deserved two check marks because the prices on their website are perfect!

I’m loving this dress! And I feel so beautiful wearing it!

This is the Sexy Mauve Cream Floral Print Off The Shoulder A-Line Plus Size Casual Dress. Yes. It’s definitely a mouthful lol. But it doesn’t even matter before this dress is giving me all the feels! 😍💕

Let’s agree on two things: this dress is gorgeous and I need to tan my legs!

For sizing, I am wearing a 3X and I was actually a little worried that it would fit me tight. Their website says the 3X usually fits sizes 17/18 and I’m more of a 18/20. But it fits! And it fits good!! I can’t wait to order some dresses and skirts I’ve scoped out! Anyone else here waiting for payday? 💁🏻💰

This dress is 95% Polyester 5% Spandex and I felt great while wearing it in the hot & humid Miami Beach weather!

I really hope you give Ami Clubwear a try! How can you resist! Watch out for more posts from me on this brand.

Here is a direct link to purchase this cute dress! It’s only $12.99!!! 😍

Ami Clubwear sent me this dress to review. All opinions are 110% my own!

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