Fashion Nova Curve Review #2


This is the Hustle All Day Tee in Navy and I swear I’ve worn it 3 times since I got it in the mail less than a week ago. It’s just soooo freaking comfortable! It’s very lightweight and breathable.

As you can tell *hopefully* I paired it with some shorts and I’ve got the perfect lazy weekend outfit! For me personally, I would be flashing everyone if I did not wear any shorts underneath. I mean, even Fashion Nova marketed it as a tee not a dress lol.

The comfort of this tee also comes from it being oversized. I decided to order a 3X from Fashion Nova as I’ve noticed it fits me better than my typical 2X. I’m happy I sized up! The point of this tee is to be relaxed and flowy. If you want it form fitting though that’s cool too!

If you haven’t already tried Fashion Nova I’ve got to ask, what are you waiting for?! I absolutely love them! And it seems like they are alwayssssss adding new pieces! So you can always find something you’ll like.

Happy shopping ladies! 💋

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