My 1st Fashion Nova Curve Review

I recently ordered from Fashion Nova for the first time. I was super excited and couldn’t wait for my order to come in. Even though they are experiencing a bit of a delay due to some website enhancements, they kept me updated on my order which I definitely appreciated. And it honestly didn’t take long at all for it to arrive! Here’s outfit number one:

I was able to create this adorable punk rock look with the Be A Rockstar Tee and the Make Me Realize Shorts!

Depending on the brand I am usually a 2X. In Torrid I wear a 2 as well as FTF. The shirt I’m wearing here is 2X and it fits perfect. If you wanted a looser look I would suggest to size up as you can tell it is definitely fitted.

The shorts I sized up on as I know my tummy is a little bigger and I hate feeling super tight and squished in my jeans. At first they were a bit snug and I was worried I would have to return them which I was totally bummed out on since these torn Bermuda shorts are the cutest. But after wearing them for 20-30 minutes they had some stretch to them which makes them a good fit. However, they don’t stretch to the point of looking baggy or loose. It’s perfect for summer and I LOVE that I finally have some white shorts!

I truly love my punk rock look and I can’t wait for more outfit favorites to come from Fashion Nova 🙂

P.S. Can I get a round of applause for VBO?!


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