Back Fat Phobia

There are memes, jokes and of course, the constant trolling on social media of fat in general. But today, I want to talk about back fat specifically. It’s something I’ve posted about before actually.

You can see this picture on my IG page @becauseilovemycurves


Do I love my back fat? No. Do I like it? No. Do I wish it was gone? Yes. But, regardless, it is still a part of me. The ‘me’ that I love and will love, no matter what size I am. No matter if I have back fat or not, I deserve to love my body. And it deserves your respect. And if you can’t respect my body, remember what your mother taught you about keeping your mouth shut if you don’t have anything nice to say.

One of the many fat-shaming memes, this one geared specifically forwards back fat

I never used to have back fat, and even when I started to, now, being at my heaviest, this is obviously the most back fat I’ve had. Sometimes it’s already enough for me to hate how I may look in pictures to due my double chin, or my VBO (visible belly outline), but now, even from the back, my fat has the potential to completely ruin a photo for me. And that photo holds a memory. So now, my fat, and my back fat, is ruining my memories. It may seem dramatic, but I assure you it’s not. Here’s the thing though. I don’t have to let that stuff get to me, as hard as it may feel sometimes.

Another example of fat-shaming in memes and social media

As with any blog post I write, I come up with an idea that I not only feel passionate about, but also one that has a high probability to resonate with my readers. And when I write, I keep that idea, the “what” I would like for my audience to get out of my post, in mind so that I make sure I can completely convey it. The reason for this particular blog post is because as I went to post a picture to my IG this morning, I personally had to talk myself into posting it. Even though I am body positive, and more specifically, fat positive, I too get nervous, apprehensive and sometimes have second thoughts on whether or not to post a picture. But the feelings expressed in the previous paragraph, they don’t have to hold me back. I have the power to give in or to let go.

My back fat is often accentuated by clothes that are too tight or poorly designed. Especially clothing labeled “plus size” that don’t live up to their name.

I know that putting myself out there means leaving myself open to negative comments, criticism, fat-shaming and to those that wish to judge me based solely on my outward appearance. But that’s exactly why I created my IG page, and later this blog–to push the boundaries of what society and the media deem “appropriate” and “beautiful.” There is NOTHING wrong with me sharing a photo of myself that shows my back fat. There is NOTHING shameful about it. So here I am, in all my back fat glory!

Don’t mind my pasty white arms, my mom went crazy with the sunscreen 😅

So, to my fellow plus size babes, please bare your back fat! Don’t be afraid, or ashamed, since your beauty and your worth do not hinge on whether or not you carry extra weight on your back (or your front!).

Keep rocking the crop tops and the spaghetti strap tank tops. Because it sure is a hot one this summer!

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