Wristicuffs Review

Being plus size isn’t just about the clothes. For example, have you ever saw a flippin’ cute bracelet, only to try it on and it either doesn’t fit at or it does fit and you’ve now started to lose circulation in your fingers? I hate feeling like Cinderella’s evil step sisters! That’s why I was so happy to hear that there’s not only a solution to this problem, but a very stylish solution to make everyone jealous. How much better can it get?!

If you’ve ever shared my bracelet woes, fear not, for I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Leanne of Wristicuffs, the mother part of a fabulous mother-daughter duo. If you open the dictionary up to “Go-Getter” you’d actually be able to see a picture of Leanne and her daughter in all their glory! I’m serious! I love Leanne’s attitude when it came to the whole ‘standard’ sizing thing: “Leather bracelets were the holy grail of things I couldn’t have so if I didn’t learn how to do it, I could never have any!” That’s how she ended up opening Wristicuffs.


This is a screen shot I took on my phone of the look book on their website.

The average plus sized girl already deals with the struggle of shopping: Online options but few in-store ones, dresses or shirts that are adorable but for some reason don’t fit the girls, boots that are gorgeous but don’t zip up even though they have the ‘wide calf’ label, and even pants or dresses that are too long because God-forbid I’m fat AND short! Okay, somehow I’ve managed to get all worked up when I should be celebrating.

While the jewelry at stores like Forever21, Target and Charming Charlie are totes adorb, the quality is not. What’s the point of a cute anything, whether it be a dress or a pair of earrings, if it’s going to break after a few uses. Now, I’m not saying I want my jewelry to survive a nuclear war, but you get what you pay for. Same with Wristicuffs, you get what you pay for–every piece is hypo-allergenic, no products ever contain nickel, lead or cadmium (which I most definitely had to look up and turns out is a toxic metal), so if somehow you accidently ate it, you wouldn’t die!

Now, I don’t recommend eating any of your jewelry but some people (myself at a point in time included) have been seen with their necklace in their mouth, when either bored or trying really hard to concentrate. Don’t do it! Your necklace may contain lead! Or how about when you wear cheap jewelry and it comes with a green ring around your skin free of charge! Again, don’t do it!

Wristicuffs has created a monthly subscription box, also known as sub box, that gets their cute jewelry delivered to your house at an affordable price. Their box is called My Meraki Box and the reason behind their name is super cute.


My box got a little beat up in the mail, just a few dents in the box, nothing inside was damaged at all!


With My Meraki Box they try to change it up and surprise their subscribers with jewelry that can be mixed and matched but that also look great on their own. Leanne sent me their first box so I could test them out. January’s theme was leather and February’s box, which just shipped out on February 18th, is gemstones.

There’s two things I really appreciate about My Meraki Box. First, color is given high importance as 3-5 color options are available per box. It’s so great to see that Wristicuffs recognizes the fact that a lot of people prefer brown leather over black leather. Or even red over purple. That makes it great on so many levels, like if you totally lovedddd a bracelet you received but you got it in green and green is your least favorite color in the whole wide world… You’d be totally bummed! And you’d probably just end up passing the bracelet along to someone else. That’s why you actually have to answer a few questions when you sign up for a subscription. These were the questions I answered before my January box:

What is your wrist size?  (Leaving nothing to chance, they provide a handy guide on their website. DO NOT give yourself a little bit of wiggle room. Follow their directions, trust me!)

Do you have pierced ears? (So that they don’t send you earrings if your ears aren’t pierced.)

Favorite colors?

Least favorite colors?

Can I also have a brief description of how you would describe your personal sense of style?

Then there were my color options! *INSERT EMOJI WITH HEART-SHAPED EYES* Since January’s box was leather, I got to choose from Vintage Brown, Black, Vibrant Ombre, Neutral Ombre and Dark Ombre. I was also given a picture to go along with the color so I could see what it would look like. It was a hard decision as they were all so pretty and I was positive that I would have loved either color.

These color options help with the second thing I love about My Meraki Box: not every box is exactly the same. I personally could not decide if I liked the Vibrant Ombre or Neutral Ombre best so I had Leanne surprise me! With the color options, Leanne & her daughter made sure that if my bestie and I both got that month’s My Meraki Box, the probability of both of us getting the exact same item is very low. Even if you got the same bracelet, it could be in a different color! Below is a pic of my bracelet as well as a post from Wristicuffs’ IG page showing the different combinations that came in the January both. I would have been happy with any of them! Btw, the metal ball piece on mine actually pulls apart and is magnetic!

I know, I know, I said there were two things I really appreciated but, truth be told, the number is closer to ten. For example, the box contains only exclusive items! So they can’t be purchased on the website, making your new pieces truly one-of-a-kind. Also, each box is worth minimum $100 retail value, so you’re definitely getting a great bang for your buck! Plus, there are exclusive member-only sales and a 15% discount on your Wristicuffs purchases. Lastly, each box contains a bonus item as a ‘thank you’ to their subscribers! January’s box had the cutest keychains/purse tags in the perfect colors!



One for you & one for a friend! Or both for you.. I won’t tell!


I wanted to write this blog post to share with you guys this great new sub box, especially since it’s plus size friendly. This isn’t only for plus size ladies though! Their bracelets are actually made specifically for your wrist size so this is a great option for those who have smaller wrists as well. I know my mom has a problem finding bracelets that fit her tiny wrists. She hates wearing nice jewelry because she’s afraid it will just slip right off! And it’s not only about the ladies either! My husband is trying to steal one of my bracelets! I have to admit, it does look really good on him too!

P.S. You can catch an exclusive piece from Wristicuffs in the February box of Curvy Gurl Box! It is such an adorable bracelet and I can’t wait to wear mine! Check out my blog on Curvy Gurl’s January box and definitely subscribe for March!


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