Box Haul Giveaway


If I asked you to raise your hand if you liked free stuff, let’s face it, your hand would be in the air. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff?! I’ll tell you who.. Mean old ladies who would probably yell at you for standing too close to their lawn. And probably anyone who works at the DMV… but other than those people, everyone loves free stuff!

I’ve been holding out on the opportunity to do a giveaway on my page because I was waiting for the right moment. And boy am I glad I waited. Somehow, I’ve managed to sneak into a giveaway with 12 monthly subscription box companies. I know!! How did I do that?! All without growing a mustache I may add. Well it turns out it is all about who you know because even though my resume doesn’t show enough experience, my new IG friend from @CurvyGurlBox has let me hang with the cool kids. No more eating lunch alone!


I am reallyyyyyy excited about this giveaway, so much so that my spell check is totally hating me right now as I’m fighting to type this blog post faster than my stubby little fingers are allowing. (This is exactly why I hated those piano lessons as a kid!) Okay so enough back story, let’s get to the good stuff: what can you win?!

Let me put it to you this way–I’m going to be extremely jealous of you… So far I’ve counted 10 out of the 12 subscription boxes that are literally going to be gifting one lucky winner a FULL SIZED monthly box from either January or February! How cool is that?! I’m trying to be all mysterious and not give away too many details. I really want you guys to check out the post on my page, or any of the pages of the 12 others included, and make your way around the loop to see all the #subbox companies involved. Plus, if you’re potentially going to be the winner I’m not about to do all the work for you, duh. I will, however, let on that my previous post does give you all of the goodies that you will receive from @CurvyGurlBox as they are giving away their January box. As if that wasn’t enough to make you jump for joy, you’ll be entering to win products that will make you look, feel and smell amazing. For example, @ExteriorIndulgence is a subbox that sends out handmade products, cruelty free. @Niah.Box is also giving away their February box, which an earlier IG post of theirs reveals that it will include an all-nature shave soap made by @Mother_Bears_Handmade vegan beauty and body care. You are going to absolutely LOVEEEE what @Box2Bake is gifting our one lucky winner. It has me looking like the emoji with heart eyes. I would insert a poorly made graphic here but I’m trying to get followers, not lose them. Please don’t judge me. You’ll also get the February Curvy Box from @HotGingerLA which I’ve been dying to try so if you win, please post pics!

I’ve given you enough to leave you wanting more! At least that’s what the point of this was. But wait! There’s more! (Yes, I have always wanted to say that!) There are still SEVEN other boxes I haven’t mentioned yet! I bet right about now you’re asking yourself, “How could this giveaway be so amazing?!” Don’t question it! Just enter. It’s super easy. Just keep in mind that you have to be following all 13 IG pages and you have to repost the Box Haul Loop Giveaway graphic on your personal IG page with the hashtag #boxhaulloopgiveaway and tag the account that you’re dying to win an item/box from. Lastly, make sure you’ve commented ‘DONE’ on that same graphic but the one that’s posted on the IG of @ExteriorIndulgence in order to completely solidify your contest entry. Please check out any of the original posts to make sure you’re following each of the steps as well as to get all the other rules, such as no giveaway accounts. Also, your page has to be public or else how are we going to see your post?!

For my part, since I’m not a subbox, I had to think a little bit about what I wanted to giveaway. A lot of items crossed my mind but I settled on one of my staple items, something you’ll always be able to find in my purse. Something that comes in different colors. Something that can either be shiny or matte. You’ve guessed it! Lipstick!!! To be specific, 4, yes, FOUR, liquid lipsticks, in some of my favorite colors. So we can totally be twinning. I love liquid lipsticks for several reasons. Reason number one is that I have straight up ruined so many amazing lipsticks due to the fact that I leave them in my car. It’s horrible and I’m sure living in the good ol’ Sunshine State doesn’t help. I definitely don’t have to worry about my liquid lipsticks melting. It’s such a relief! And saves me money! Number two, in my humble, in no way expert, opinion, they are easier to apply. I am so OCD when it comes to making sure my lines are straight and that I haven’t been acting like a 4 year old applying her mother’s lipstick. I’m not as steady as I wish I was so you can often find me spending over 5 minutes applying my lipstick, 15 if it’s a special event. Okay, maybe I’m not so bad.. Or maybe I am. Lastly, number three reason for my love of liquid lipstick, it looks super cool if you take a picture biting it. I joke! I kid! My prize, if you will, also includes two other mystery items, and the whole thing has an estimated value of over $50. And that’s just with my portion alone! This whole giveaway is probably worth 10x that amount, if not more!

One last thing I HAVE to mention is the fact that all of these subscription boxes are small businesses. These are the guys who set aside so much time and such commitment, so much more than the “big guys” and yet are so often overlooked. Small businesses require hard-working and determined individuals, most of the time working alone, to even be able to breathe life into what was once just an idea. And not only does it take hard work to come to life, but now they have to work just as hard, or harder, to stay alive. When you shop small business, you are fueling a dream, you are furthering goals, and making something that once seemed impossible, a reality. I’d take this over lining the pockets of fat cats any day.

*Giveaway closes 01/31/2017 at midnight EST*


2 thoughts on “Box Haul Giveaway

  1. I can understand what you feel, I won and I really happy about that. I received 6 boxes and all of them was fantastic. I can not wait to see your gift. Thank you so much.


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