When Stress Takes Over

I. Am. Stressed. Out. Phew! It took me four days to even find the time to write this post. I’m talking about the work stress, the money stress, the my-apartment-is-dirty-but-I-have-no-time-to-clean stress. Stress is everywhere, and is mostly the side dish but some days it can be the main course.

What has you stressed out? Family issues for some. Health issues for others. Who of us really can say we go sans stress? It is simply a facet of life that we have to deal with. And that’s the kicker right there. We have to deal with it. Manage it, if you will. And I’m here to sprinkle a tiny bit of fairy dust and tell you that it doesn’t have to be easier said than done.

Today I wanted to share one way to help you reduce, manage or tackle whatever stress you have in your life. Did you know you can (mostly) control what you decide to stress over? I say mostly because there is only so much you can control, however, the cards you do hold can be played any way you want. Worrying about things out of your control is like being on a rocking chair and moving back and forth reallyyyy fast. You’re expecting to go somewhere. It ain’t gunna happen. So the key is to just let it slide. Take some Vaseline or butter and rub it all over yourself. That way when troubling situations come your way they can just slide right on by. Don’t let yourself worry about certain things, especially the ones out of your control! Learn to take a deep breath and let it slide.


Something that got me stressed out this week was when I went shopping. I know, I know. How in the world could my retail therapy stress me out?! Well, being the plus size gorgeous sex goddess that I am, I was so disappointed when I walked into two well known stores to find the plus size section to be about 1/10 the size of the “regular” size section. I am a frequent flier to the mall so this wasn’t my first rodeo. But I was super excited to get a few new outfits for my upcoming trip and I felt the fashion industry was setting me up for failure. I kid you not I almost walked out.

Well, I actually did walk out of one of the stores… but the second one I decided to stay and I’m glad I did. I’m glad I didn’t let the fact that society doesn’t fully appreciate or understand that I don’t just want to shop online stop me from doing the same thing every other person in that mall was there to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love clicking “add to cart” as much as the next shopaholic, and I love the fact that there is a greater variety of online options for us plus sized babes. But sometimes I want to be able to try clothes on, look at my Aphrodite reflection in the mirror, do a couple of squats to make sure the dress isn’t too tight before I dish out the cash for it. Plus, for this particular occasion, I don’t have time to wait for shipping or the trust fund to pay for Express.But I can’t let that stress me out! If not I wouldn’t have ended up with the cute additions to my closet!


So if your coworker keeps talking crap, or if you are struggling to lose 10 lbs before Rachel’s wedding and you tried everything and the muffin top will just not unbake itself, stop rocking in your rocking chair. I didn’t want to say anything but you’re starting to look like a crazy person. Remember, you can (mostly) control what you decide to stress over and you’re no one until you’re talked about. Plus, remember, curves are trending so you look like you’re in pretty good shape to me!

*Ya’ll…Please don’t be crazy and literally put Vaseline all over you as it is a metaphor lol

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