My Curvy Sense Review

Even before Curvy Sense was open for business I was like a small child, bright eyed and impatiently waiting, following their page on Instagram (@curvysense). I finally got the opportunity to place my very first order on Black Friday due to sales prices I just couldn’t refuse. One thing you’ll learn about me is that although I’m a shopaholic I only make sure to shop when I find great deals. Which (un)fortunately for me is all the time. Blessing or a curse? I can’t tell.


Curvy Sense, in my humble shopaholic opinion, has a great selection and is completely affordable. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find a handful of items you want to purchase, regardless of your style, at prices that make me so very happy.


I wanted to write a review of my overall impression of Curvy Sense, especially geared towards all of you beautiful plus sized babes who have yet to take the plunge. That being said, I want you to know that this review is not endorsed or paid, I had to dish out my own money for the clothes, and in no way is this post sponsored by Curvy Sense, although I wish it was.

So on to the good stuff–I was nervous to purchase from them simply due to the fact that since they are so new, barely any of their items have reviews. I ALWAYS read the reviews on the items I purchase online, even if I decide to ignore what the reviews say.

Does it bug anyone else when the person leaving the review gives the item one star due to a mistake on their end? Like, “I gave this shirt one star because I didn’t realize the description said crop top and I hate crop tops. Otherwise I would have given it a 5/5.” ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? Yes, yes they are very serious. People like that shouldn’t be allowed to leave reviews, but I digress.

So I ordered eight super-so-fabulous items which consisted of four dresses, three tops and a skirt. I got all but one in the 2X since I’m personally a size 18/20. I’m a 2X at Forever21+ as well as at Charlotte Russe+, and a size 2 with Torrid & FTF, just so you can gauge it.

First up is the Tie-front Dress in the oh so perfect for this time of year color of burnt orange. You see, living in Florida we don’t really have Winter, just more of an extended Fall. And this dress just screams Fall and fallen leaves! I love it! The 2X fit PERFECTLY. It has a little hi-lo thing going on that I was unsure of at first but now absolutely adore; plus it’s cute to wear with sandals or even with some knee high boots! I wore it for several hours and I wanted to sleep in it, that’s how comfortable it was. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars.




Then there’s the three shirts. All fit true to size as well! All were comfy and all were just as cute on me as they were on the model. Just as pictured on the website, the Sleeveless Crinkle Blouse is a tiny bit sheer, which is definitely in style of course! I plan to wear this over a bikini or just over a white tank top. I will definitely point out that this is not Coral although it is listed as such. It looks just like it does online though, I would say a light pink. The color does not affect the cuteness, I just don’t want you to order it thinking it’s Coral, cuz it aint! The other two shirts are more for casual wear. They are the Cold Shoulder Twofer Top, in Coral (now thissss is Coral!) and the Back Cutout Top, in yellow. Both look great with jeans. The Cold Shoulder Twofer Top has the layered look which also makes it thicker than a regular shirt. It’s also quite stretchy and I’m going to keep my eye out for it when washing. I can tell I’ll be letting this one air-dry, rather than putting it in the dryer. If you haven’t tried a Cold Shoulder yet you are definitely missing out! I haven’t seen anyone who looks bad in a cold shoulder! The Cutout shirt is just a plain t-shirt but with a little cut out in the back. I plan to wear this with jean shorts and although it’s nothing fancy, the price was so sweet and it’s a nice basic tee to own. 




FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Next is the Cutout Mini Dress which I ordered in 3x. This one actually had a review, 5 stars, that suggested sizing up. Even though I sized up, it’s still too tight for my taste. For that reason alone I’m giving it 3 stars, because nowhere does it mention that this is bodycon style. I wouldn’t have ordered it if it was. Bodycon looks so great on so many plus size babes! I just don’t like it for myself. Since Curvy Sense only goes up to a 3x I will be exchanging this item for store credit. I do want to make note though that this dress was sooooo comfy! The material is super soft and stretchy so this could easily fit up to a size 24 as long as you don’t mind the dress hugging your every curve. I’m also just horrible when it comes to bras and shirts and dresses that show straps. I never know what to do!


After that sad moment, let’s move on to a happy one. One where I look so dang cute it the Crochet Halter Dress! It is super comfy and flowy and perfect for a tropical vacation. The best part of the dress, of course, is that it has pockets!!!! I love this dress BUTTTTTT again, I NEVER KNOW WHAT BRA TO WEAR! *sad face*. I ended up just tapping my nipples and free boobin’ it. At first I was thinking about sizing up but after my mini photoshoot I think the 2X looks perfect! What do you guys think?



So, everyone’s biggest fear of online shopping is course, what happens if it doesn’t fit?! And so, unfortunately, with my last two items, the Floral Print Skater Dress and the Denim Mini Skirt, I could have used the 3X instead of the 2X *insert a million sad face emojis*. That being said, I am going to try and exchange both for the bigger size because their only issue is that they don’t fit. Other than that they are so flippin’ adorable. I will say that Denim Mini Skirt does fit me (which just looks like denim but is in no way denim, it is very lightweight which is awesome) but I think it would look way better on me if I sized up. But that’s just because I like to feel comfortable in what I wear. I don’t like feeling squished or too tight, even if it’s just a tad bit. Sorry for the crappy pics >.< They can’t all be winners lol.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

The Floral Print Skater Dress however, would NOT fit me at all. As a matter of fact, I can’t even post a pic of me wearing it for this very reason. I got so upset because, being a big girl, I’ve got big boobs, this dress is not for someone with big boobs. I wear a 44D and this dress was not letting the girls be. The cut, although super cute and adorable, probably doesn’t help. So even though I’m going to try the 3X, I’m not entirely sure if it’s going to work. Which would be such a shame because the dress is just the epitome of cuteness! But fingers crossed it will work out! If you’ve got smaller boobs I would say ORDER IT! I love it so much.

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Curvy Sense does have listed on their website that they don’t do exchanges due to the fact that they currently have a limited quantity in each style. Instead, the website says, “When you return your item(s), you will receive a full store credit of your returned item(s).” I’m hoping I can still order the ones I want in the 3X since they were new arrivals. Just keep in mind that all returns need to be postmarked no more than 14 days after delivery date!

My overall recommendation is that you give Curvy Sense a try! Right now my only gripe is that I have to pay the shipping costs associated with returning my items. I’m hoping this doesn’t cost more than $5 to $8 but let’s see. I am honestly happy with my purchase and would totally purchase from them again. To me, you can’t expect for every item you buy online to fit perfectly, even if it’s from a store you shop at all the time.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve had the pleasure of trying Curvy Sense! Or if you have any recommendations for any other online stores. Until then, remember: Plus size is not negative space!

10 thoughts on “My Curvy Sense Review

  1. Thank You for your indepth reviews! This will be my first time ordering from this site and you really made my experience much better!


  2. Love your review! I always search reviews before trying a new place. And you’re was by far the best information and I loved your size comparisons, because I’m currently debating between what sizes to try. Super helpful! Thank you so much


  3. Ive been debating on wether or not to order from curvysense but your review helped me quite a bit thank you…im placing my order right now!!


  4. Ok I realize this is 2 years later but I just discovered Curvy Sense and was unsure about it but now I’m definitely going to give it a try! Your review was by far the most helpful, largely due to the size comparisons! I need a few things for a bachelorette party that I’ll likely only wear once so the price point is great!

    Also, if you still have issues with styles that show bra straps, I’ve had luck with Torrid’s strapless bra!


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